Frequently asked questions

What if I need to modify my order?

If you change your mind about anything please let us know as soon as possible, always best within 24 hours. We don’t like to waste time and material and neither we want to disappoint you, but please understand that we’re a small production company and we make all bags one by one! For more information regarding modifications and cancellations please read our shipping and returns policy here

What if I need to change my shipping address?

Always best to let us know as soon as possible, but we’ll be able to change your shipping address up until we ship the order to you! Contact us below!

Can I get same day delivery?

We don’t offer same day delivery. Most packages are expected to arrive in 2-3 days within the UK from the shipping date, and 1-4 weeks internationally depending on the delivery service and your location (sadly, some customs offices are nightmare! Especially the one in Chi…ahem…cago!)

Do you sell wholesale?

Currently we are not doing wholesale and we do not have any distributors. However, we’re always open to new opportunities, so get in touch with us on our contact page and let’s talk!

I live in London, can I come and have a look at what you have?

Not really. We don’t have much if any stock and it would be no interest to you to just see us sewing ordes away, hahah! We are open to meeting and hanging out with people in London, however if you have an inquiry regarding a custom bag the best and most effective place to communicate with us is via email. Please understand that we don’t enjoy wasting our and your time 🙂

Can I send you scrap materials and you make a bag for me?

Well…sure! If those scrap materials are fabrics that you’d like on your own bag we’ll happily accomodate your request. We do not offer any discount on that, as our base prices are mostly based on labour costs (cheaper material costs wouldn’t significantly change what it costs to us to make a bag).

Do you do miscellaneous sewing jobs and bag repairs?

Yes, we do repairs and also some miscellaneous projects here and there. Any questions feel free to contact us below

How do it take care of my bag/s?

First of all please handle the zippers carefully, as when they’re operated repetitively with too much force, they start wearing out and breaking quickly. Secondly, if the bag is exposed to the elements daily and gets wet and dirty with mud, don’t leave it in closed spaces to dry (it will take longer to dry and cause the fabric fibres to weaken over time), and if you can clean it up when it gets dirty. We recommend using a sponge and a brush with soap to clean a bag, however most bags are safe to throw in the washing machine (hand wash cycle), too.

Can I throw all bags into the washing machine?

Although most bags are safe to put into a washing machine (sport settings or a short cycle would be best), we do NOT recommend to machine wash any bag or accessory that has a plastic panel in it. The plastic panel/s are there to give the bag structure and shape, and putting the bag into the wash WILL cause the plastic to bend and break, so please avoid that. Cycling caps should be washed on the hand wash setting.

Still have a question?

Please contact us for more information.

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