Handlebar harness


The harness is designed for use in combination with a dry bag, or whichever bulky gear that doesn’t require extra layers of cover (sleeping bag, tent, camping mat). Great addition for bike packing trips and adventures!

The Harness is 49cm long and can therefore accomodate large items/bags, however it can also be tightened (via the side release buckles placed on the edges) as much as you’d like, which means it’s extremely versatile and you don’t need to worry if stuff will fit or not.

The main straps (which attach onto the handlebars) are secured via cam buckles, and there’s a third strap underneath to lock the bag at the head tube.

The outer layer is completely made out of inner tubes, and the lining is made out ripstop nylon (colour options are available!). In between the two layers, there’s a layer of flexible plastic sandwiched between two thin layers of foam, to ensure strength and rigidity.

The harness also comes with two extra straps (with clips on each end, that can attach onto the D rings places on the harness panel) that can be used if the bag feels too heavy: attach one clip of each strap to the D rings placed on the harness, make the strap go underneath the bag and over the handlebars, attach the clip on the other end of the strap to the D ring, tighten the strap, done!

49cm in length, and 30cm in width

Handlebar harness
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