Custom frame bag


• Waterproof zipper to main compartment/s on one side of the bag. Depending on the desired size of the bag, we offer one or two compartments. If the available space inside the frame is fairly small but you want to have 2 compartments, please just select the option “large/2 compartments”. The compartment is created via a divider inside the bag (a “bridge”), which is stitched onto one side panel, and attached via velcro onto the other side panel, therefore it can also be “flatted out” in case you’d like to access the whole space of the frame bag.
• Chunky plastic zipper on the opposite side of the bag, with access to a flat pocket (not to main compartment)
• Depth panel reinforced with thin foam and flexible plastic, which gives the bag a sturdier shape
• Custom attachment : we prefer to wrap the frame with cord and loops, however that’s a fairly time consuming procedure, so you can have velcro strips if you prefer!
• Extra tweaks (drainage holes, or access to charging cable) can also be added within the price if required

You can choose whichever colours you prefer (can be monochromatic or a mix of colours), have one or two compartments, and whichever attachment suits you best. The size is going to be tailored to your own bike frame, depending on how much you want to fill up the space available. Just let us know how big or small the bag should be!

Since the bag will need to fit tightly onto your specific bike frame, some information is needed to proceed with the order. You’ll need to measure the length of your top tube and the length of your seat tube, preferably in cm, placing the measuring tape “inside” the frame, hence checking the “inner” length of the tubes, not their actual length! Down-tube length would also be appreciated, but it’s not essential, and head-tube length would also be great for the larger frames. Another requirement is one of the following:
• Stock photo of your bike model, or of a model with the exact same geometry OR
• A picture of the bike taken by you: it’s really important that the picture is taken with your phone/camera as perpendicularly as possible from the ground (if you own a tripod, please use it..otherwise, you’ll probably need to rest on your knees or squat), not tilted downwards or upwards, with the camera levelled at the height of the space inside the frame.

Custom frame bag

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