Puncture repair seat bag / saddle bag (2 sizes)


SMALL : 13cm length x 9cm width x 8cm depth

MEDIUM: 17cm length x 9cm width x 10cm depth

Completely waterproof, vegan/ recycled and stylish, the bag is made out of inner tubes, and it opens with a waterproof zipper that is easily accessible at the back of the bag.

The MEDIUM bag model also features a flat mesh pocket and a D-ring to carry your keys in case you’d like to.

Simple design, small bag. Great for bike rides, bike touring, or even bike-packing.

How to install:
Simply pass the main webbing strap (the one placed at the centre of the bag) through the first saddle rail (the right one, viewing from the back of the bike), then underneath the loop on the bag itself, then over the second saddle rail, back into the rectangular plastic buckle (triglide), and lastly through the cam buckle: lock the cam buckle, and secured!
The second webbing strap (placed at the bottom of the bag) is only on the MEDIUM model, and it’s there so that you can secure the bag around the seat tube!


Puncture repair seat bag / saddle bag (2 sizes)