Burrito Bags – 2,5Litres, 4,6Litres, or 10,3Litres



2,5 Litres / SMALL: 23cm width and 12cm diameter

4,6 Litres / LARGE: 25cm width and 15cm diameter

10,3Litres / X-L: 33cm width and 20cm diameter

The bag is lined with ripstop nylon (custom inner colour), it opens and closes through a waterproof zipper and it attaches onto the handlebars via straps on two cam buckles. The bag also features mesh pockets at both sides, and it holds its cylindrical shape thanks to a plastic panel that’s fitted inside the lining. The thread colour can also be customised! The Large and the X-L bag also feature an elastic cord that wraps around the head-tube, and secures the bag more tightly.

Perfect for carrying tools, snacks, or a clothing layer!

Burrito Bags – 2,5Litres, 4,6Litres, or 10,3Litres